Orange Chainchomp reports:

Name: Doopliss
Nickname: Freak-in-a-Sheet (at least that's what Beldam calls him)
Hobbies: Being other people, fighting Mario, sneaking into parties, trying new disguises
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Possession: Party hat
Greatest Fear: That he will get Beldam mad (but I guess that happened already)

More about Doopliss: He used to be a boss in Paper Mario 2, but Mario beat him. He had the Ruby Star and used a curse on the people of Twilight Town to turn them into pigs, as a joke. Mario came to stop him, but Doopliss turned him into a shadow, and Doopliss became Mario! To get his identity back, Mario got help from Vivian and found Doopliss name. Then, of course Mario beat Doopliss and got the Ruby Star. Doopliss joined the Shadow Sirens, since Vivian was gone and they both had a common enemy. Since Beldam knows magic and Marilyn has high HP, Doopliss is kind of weak, compared to them. (But don't tell him that!)

"Hiya Slick, do you think you can beat me this time?" -Doopliss

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Double D reports:

Name: Doopliss (no last name)
Age: ???
Species: Duplighost
Gender: Male
First Appearance: Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Game: Mario Party
Favorite Color: Dark Purple (color of shadows)
Quote: “Woah there, Slick!”

Doopliss is a ghost, like every other Duplighost. Before he died, he was a Magikoopa. One day he was training other Magikoopas when Mario came through. Doopliss vanished into the shadows. He tried to throw a powerful spell at Mario but Mario saw a glint of fire and immediately threw a fireball at it. The fireball hit Doopliss and he immediately reappeared, dead on the ground. Mario thought nothing of it and kept going. Little did he know he would have been better off if he would have just run away…

Doopliss retained a few key memories, but forgot most things that he’d done during his lifetime. He found a residence in the Shiver Mountains with other Duplighosts, and was given the name “Doopliss” by them. However, he soon became homesick for the life he had in the Koopa Klan as a Magikoopa. When a Koopa explorer came through the area, Doopliss saw his chance and copied his body. He then made his way to Dark Land and applied as a Magikoopa. After seeing his already impressive skill, they gladly accepted him. Doopliss continued his education for several years, and implemented it into his natural skill as a Duplighost. In this way he became very powerful.

One day, Doopliss led a scouting expedition into the Twilight Forest. After seeing the run-down Creepy Steeple, his ghostly instinct took over and he was immediately mesmerized by it. He told the others to leave him there and let him explore the building further. When they came back he dispatched some of the local residents (Boos) who liked him and decided to follow his leadership. The ghosts scared the Koopas away and they assumed Doopliss had succumbed to the ghosts. Doopliss immediately took up residence. He made routine trips to Twilight Town to steal furniture and furnish the Steeple. It was during this routine that Doopliss realized what fun he could have with his powers. Doopliss enchanted the bell in the Steeple with his power to make it so that every time he rang the bell, a villager turned into a pig. He proceeded to supplement his fun with pizza he conjured up and Mario Party games. He would have continued doing this if Mario hadn’t showed up at the right time.

When Mario showed up at the Steeple, Doopliss was fairly passive, having not remembered Mario, but then became a little annoyed when he wouldn’t leave. He decided to fight the pest and get him to run away. When Doopliss realized how strong Mario was, he used his enhanced power to transform into Mario. When this didn’t work, Doopliss formulated a plan. Right before Mario beat him, he immediately switched places and bodies with him. Mario was instead defeated and Doopliss, with Mario’s body, decided to go out and have some fun. However, after a long series of events, Mario defeated Doopliss for good and Doopliss was forced to abandon Creepy Steeple. It was by chance that his next role presented itself.

Doopliss happened to run by Beldam and Marilyn, who were looking for Vivian. They tracked him down and offered him a place in their group. Having nothing better to do, he accepted.

He continued on missions with them until meeting up with Mario again in Shadow Palace. He fought again and lost. Mario continued and left them behind. The Shadow Sirens woke up before him and Beldam, naturally, blamed it on him, then forced him to go with them to the Shadow Queens’s room. In Doopliss’ weakened state, he had no choice. After the battle, he quickly got himself out of the palace and got out of the town. Doopliss met up with Flurrie again a few weeks after the adventure. Flurrie recognized him as the perfect person to fill a role in her play that she had no one for. However, after getting into trouble multiple times during the production, he decided that the good guy life wasn’t for him, and disappeared from the scene.

No one knows where Doopliss is now. He is most likely living in a normal town with a mimic of someone’s body, trying to bide his time. It’s likely that Mario will run into Doopliss again someday, but no one can predict when that will be. For now, Doopliss will have to wait and watch, hoping for his revenge.

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This character may be associated with the following: Beldam, Bob, Dark Boo, Doopliss' twin, E-Man, Flurrie, Lord Crump, Magikoopa, Marilyn, Mario, Navy Guy, Nintendo Fan, Vivian, Waluigi, and Wario

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